Tuesday , February 7 2023

Meet Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus users with the latest news releases.


It is known that every week there are news with the new Samsung Galaxy that will be released on February 20 with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus The Biggest Family Brother That Really Takes Your Device Exit to Use In The Midst of the Audience There are also reports on the latest issues of this model because it was not released as well.

Find Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus users and the most recent issue of this model?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

There are people who see the Samsung Galaxy smartphone (suppose Samsung UI), which is expected to be Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus In a bus By which the device was put in a case to cover the back design But I saw the Infinity-O screen on the full front embedded in a selfie dual screen under the screen that was previously clear The screen layout has curved edges according to Samsung's flagship style. The lower edge is thinner.

In addition to the above images There are also reports from @armadillotek A home manufacturer and a film protector who revealed this The company has a demo of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series to test the case and film and then found this workingThe fingerprint scanner of this model does not work when the protective foil is made of PET. So seriously, I still wonder if this will be true or not. Because the company did not specify in any way the thickness of the glass or the protective sheet

However, in a few days, we will see a lot of flagship smartphones from Samsung. If the website has information and further details about this story it will come immediately to update immediately.

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