Friday , March 31 2023

NCC does not withdraw ownership. It's time to think about "staying" or "going"!


It's not much, but there. "Friends" The government network is very much affected. Since the announcement of the National Anti-Corruption Commission on the Rules and Procedures for Submission of Property and Obligations of State Officials to the NCC Commission, BE 2561.

It's "a matter" !!!

Especially in the field of education. In Position As Chair of the University Council Council Member of the University Council

Announcement of the valves "Mass jitter" To protest the need to file a statement of assets and liabilities this time."Loud" Ministerial level. be Dr. Thirakiat Charn Setthasil Minister of Education or Dr. Udomchinsin Ministry of Education I have a premiere as a spokesman.

National Defense College (NESDB) or Buddhist Mahamakut University (NESDB). "Buddhist University" of "Patriarch" The cause is implicit.

The purpose of the protest is to have one thing. "NCC" The President and the University Council need not submit a statement of assets and liabilities.

into the "NCC" It's part of it. "Sincere" The principle of definition is: 1. political positions 2. senior officials and 3. state officials. Do not look at the finer details. "Patriarch" The chair is chairman of the council. Position again Mr.

I have to send people to consult. "Wissanu Krea Ngam" Deputy Prime Minister representing the government to find a way out. Better to make arbitrary decisions.

The situation is now "NCC" We're going back.

"There is a way" !!!

I do not know what to do. "Wager" But because part of the error occurred. Especially those chairs. "Tender" You will need to adjust multiple points.

First, the NCC Council on Tuesday to choose the method to stop the effect from 2 December to the end of January 62 or 60 days.

This 60-day period expands. I have to go to trouble. President of the "Patriarch" Council and a few positions in public organization.

Another part is giving time to the prime minister and the university council. The ad will resign again. Also confirm the original word?

When the time comes to prepare for more. If you repeat this position for 60 days, the parties concerned will have time to prepare. "The New Man" Because of this. "NCC" Under his direction "Big Gui," General General Watcharapol. PRASARN works President Signal clear

"Do not retire" !!!

Direct positions of the University Council "Principles" and "Definitions" The word to blame. Past Corruption cases of many institutions in their hands. "NCC" It's a reference car.

One more thing today, cheers. "NCC" This is no less than that of primary and university counselors who announce tinkering.

Important support "NCC" I have to hit. Big Tit, General Prayut Chan Prime Minister and Head of the National Peace Corps (NCB) Do not leave the subject. "Transparency"

Time to impose I will not keep it. But at least it reduces the symptoms. "Blood flow" In the academy Let some change your mind When fear is low.

This is not difficult. When the masses in thousands of positions did not come out of the first chorus. Many of the positions have huge advantages.

Teaching staff "In the flesh" Because twice "NCC" The position to lodge an additional property, but the circle. "Mold" Presidential and vice-presidents. This is the Primary and University Council.

"Bonanza" Rumors are huge. The annual budget is allotted to the top. But the past does not care. I believe in the agency. "Man Made"

This is harder than ever.

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