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Oman v Turkmenistan Match Reporter 17/1/19, AFC Asian Cup


Vietnam, last match! Oman Rua Turkmenistan Livorno Knockout 3-1

Oman guarantees up to the last 16 teams as the third team. After Turkmenistan climbed 3-1

On January 17th, the 2019 Asian Cup football match, the final match of the F-group round of Oman, found Turkmenistan at the Mohammed bin Sayid stadium at 8:30

Oman is in third place, still unable to beat anyone in the first two matches, but still has the final round as the third team. Best of the group, also Turkmenistan, no. 4

The result is Oman that can be overcome. Turkmenistan can score 3-1 with goals from Ahmed Maharashtra 20, Moskassanine, 84 and Muhammad Musa, MD 90, while the Green Army has a goal from Adnan. Chorio Yevin

Due to the fact that Oman has been in the top 16 as the 3rd best team, the third team of the six teams in Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan With only one team left to be considered Lebanon, with North Korea striking down Who must score more than 3 goals at 23:00 or Vietnam that is over and is the team that has the last team at this time

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