Sunday , October 17 2021

Open a chronology of young people sick with Covid 19, traveling around the city, with 3 lengths in front of Ratchada-Meng Chai, Pattaya.

Open a timeline of young people with COVID 19 who travel around the city for 3 long pages Ratchada – Meng Jai Before pattaya You have had a history of contact with a confirmed infected person

The illustrations are not relevant for information.
If Bangkok revealed that from December 20, 2020 – January 7, 2021 he found the patient COVID-19 They have accumulated 327 people with infections in most countries. It has a history of connections with Samutsakorn Province, Rayong Province. Occupational group at risk Reach previously confirmed patient And proactive market monitoring With the release of a schedule of 24 people who completed the survey, according to news

Of these, it was found that the 231 occupation jewelry of male patients. You have a shopping history Mengjai Club Villa, go to the M Club Store along Ramindra Highway and go to Dubai Luxury Club Ratchada, have dinner at HAPPY Suki, go to Maldives Bar Meng Chai and travel to Pattaya.

The patient has a history of previous contact with a confirmed infection. For the patient’s chronology COVID 19 Such cases are as follows

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