Saturday , October 1 2022

Panic! The "invisible" robot sends Mars a clear picture, the first image back to earth


NASA launches robotic site on Mars Send a clear vision of the planet back to Earth. And now incorporates the power to do the mission …

Fox News reported on November 27, 2018 that the NASA or NASA InSight robot managed to land successfully. Mars, on Monday, according to American time. Provide the world's first high-definition landscapes on the world.

"Looks pretty nice here, I'm looking forward to exploring my new home," Twitter @ NASAInSight "tweets Monday night in the US A few hours after the robot explored this landing.NASA said.Now, the site has opened its solar panel. To upload for mission

The first image posted on the site after landing is not clear.

The landing site on Mars was completed about six months after the trip from Earth over 458 million miles to carry out a mission to explore the interior of this red planet. This will make the first planet outside the world to be an investigation.

Solar panels will be like this.

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