Thursday , January 21 2021

Thai Perfume prepares to launch in early 2019

Bangkok – November 8 – Creating the Bath

Ceresa Thai Perfumes Brands Increase in foreign markets. Let's open the Thai market at home. The first job is hot. It is the main sponsor of the Men's International Men's Contest 2018. At this event, besides the stand introduces the perfume to nine perfumes, there is also a perfume show of nine perfumes, through professional models. Also

Mr. Suvapich Vongsaritr, general manager of Ferrari Group Co., Ltd., producer and distributor of Ceresa perfume brand. "I grew up from a direct perfume business." The perfume is used on the body, the fragrance used in different places, as a passionate passion for love, plus the interest in having a business, I've studied perfumes, perfumes, how to be a perfume. The price must be And the smell of brand names such as the Ceresa brand has taken place in the first phase, we have customers abroad and now is about to enter the domestic market. part of our future business plan, Ceresa will be the brand that has everything about beauty, such as the perfume house.It is now modeling it in the perfume shop that is based on individual pheromones.A 15 cc perfume to enter the low market, joint-venture with Korea to make skin care products And Ceresa brand.

Mr. Suwit Cheesom This being said, "For the Ceresa perfume brand, the show at the Men's International Men's 2018 Contest, I'd like to see a story and a start. Before the big launch with the media and everyone again at the beginning of the year Now the brand has been selected and talked to the presenter. Let's see who is at the beginning of 2019. "

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