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The Japanese Mall "Siam Takeshi Maya" to raise 530 brands invades Thailand


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November 12, 2061


"Siam Takeshi Maya" Japanese mall to raise 530 Raise Thai 2-year target brands

Siam Takashi Shimoda (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Takashi Shimaya Opening the first Siam Takashi Shimaya store in Thailand. Siam's iconic area. Klongsan area on the Charoennakorn Road, along the Chao Phraya River.

Takashi Matsuyama, president of Takashi Maya Co., Ltd., said that since Takashi Maya Co., Ltd. was founded in 1831 or 2374 in Kyoto, Japan, Kashima offers new values ​​under Conscious Consciousness. Adhere to tradition Combined with innovative conservation throughout Japan and abroad. Takashi Shimoda operates the mall business. By joining the principles of being part of the community. Offering customers and communities with new value or lifestyle. Listening to the opinions of customers in each community. In each country And change it in good time.


"Siam Takeshi Maya aims to be a loved store of people in Thailand by introducing a new lifestyle and traditional Japanese hospitality or" Omonoi Nashi "within the concept." The combination of most Thai and Takashima Maya stores in Japan "

Mister. Shiguru said that Siam Takashimaya is the 4th largest mall in Asia in Singapore, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh. To expand abroad We have gathered the "good from the sun" here, the clothes are used in over 530 restaurants, 170 brands in Japan and stores in Thailand. For the first time, more than 80 stores.

To expand its subsidiary in Thailand. The Thai economy has grown steadily. With the first target set at 13 billion yen or about 3,800 million baht, and hopefully in the second year will be able to give up and be profitable. Approximately 30 million visitors per year.

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