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Total 7 excursions in the Province of Trat.


Trat is one of the secondary cities with a steady flow of tourism. There are many beautiful attractions, natural resources that are still full and complete. Suitable for relaxation. Especially those who like to visit the sea today Sanook! Trip 7 trip to Trat. To visit to enter them.

1. Koh Kood


Koh Kood is the second largest in Trat. Koh Chang is the last island of Trat sea waters, which can only be navigated for an hour.

And with the beauty of the emerald waters on the beach itself. Koh Kood was named "Jewel East Sea".

Koh Kood is a symbol of Koh Kood, which is a wooden bridge that stretches to the sea, which is the culmination of all tourists.

How to get there: From Bangkok, take the freeway no. 3 (Bang Na-Trat), passing by Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi, Loei and Trat. Highway 344 (Chonburi – Banbung – Klaeng). Turn left onto highway no. 3 through the province of Chantaburi in the province of Trat. Total distance of 315 km. Most resorts will offer a car at the port of each resort when buying a package.

2. Koh Mak


Koh Mak is a small island. There are hundreds of people who live on the island. But still a quiet atmosphere. Chaos of bright colors.

In addition, the sea is clear to see the water beneath it. That's why so many people are fascinated and want to relax here.

How to get there: From Bangkok, take Highway 3 (Bang Na – Trad) and turn left onto 344 (Chonburi – Banbung – Klaeng) highway. Turn left onto highway no. 3, via Chantaburi, to Trat. Before arriving at Pier Laem Ngop. There will be another store, opposite Krom Luang Chumphon. Parking is 50 baht per night.

3. Koh Chang


Koh Chang is a great island called. It is the largest island in the Gulf. Secondly, on the island of Phuket, Koh Chang has many landscapes in the forests of the sea, mountain, cascade and mangrove.

In addition, the sea is very picturesque. Scenic spots and diving spots to watch the underwater world with many corals. Many beaches on the island have different charms.

The island is the most attractive of Trat ever.

How to get there: From Bangkok, take the 4-hour car to the ferry pier. Take the ferry to Koh Chang. For a trip to Koh Chang by plane. Starting from Suvarnabhumi Airport, it takes only an hour to reach Trat Airport. Then transfer to Koh Chang.

4. Coral Island


The island is a unique island, which is like a flat island like paper. He can look around the invisible island. There are not many tourists. Nature is still very rich. Leaves of grass on the island. And the blue sea. There are also coral reefs for tourists to sink into the underwater world of the island.

And highlighting here is that you can find thousands of deer on this island. It is a great safari that is.

Travel: Koh Kradan is a private island. There is only one room. Traveling to Koh Kradan, you have to buy a direct package from the resort. http://www.kohkradadresorts.com/

5. Koh Wai


Koh Wai is still very good. The atmosphere is quiet. Tourists are not crowded The island has an emerald sea that is still clear. Look at me comfortably.

At Koh Wai, there are not many 4-5 hotels, most of which are simply by the sea. If you like peace and privacy. This island is the answer for you.

How to get there: From the town of Trat, take a boat to Pier Laem Ngop. (In addition to Luang Chumphon Pier). From Koh Chang, take a boat to Bang Bao. For those who want to go to Koh Wai. Laem Ngop Pier (Krom Luang Chumphon Harbor). There will be more service ships. But the most convenient is Plelawadee and the sea beaches.

6. Spicy chicken house

435 857

Ban Chang Tone Bo Rai is a tourist activity village to do many things like sliding, red mud, white mud spa, and activities that are highlighted as spas. The heat of the steam in the plant is baked in the rice cooker. It will make you feel good. How hot is this? I have to prove it. But make sure the skin is healthy and safe. The spa is finished and the skin will look better.

Steam from natural herbs. I do not think you're trying to prove yourself.

Getting Started: From the junction of the three hundred red flashlights Turn left onto Market Route 3158 and go straight for about 3 km. Go straight on Route 3157, approximately 25 km to the intersection between Wat Chang Tum (Nong Bon) and the left. Then go straight for about 2 km (through the elephant subdistrict), then find the third intersection. (On the left curve), turn right for about 100 meters to find the ecological museum. For more information, please call 084-863-7267.

7. Ta Taban community


The Tha Rang Community is an ecotourism learning center. The large and rich mangrove forests, of 2,000 hectares over 100 years, make every tree very large. The Forest Forest 1 in the Unseen of Trat.

The wonder is that the boat goes just 10 minutes to find a terrace as a wonderland. On your way through the forest, the canal, up to 3 forests, mangrove forests and forest habitats, and feel like you are entering the jungle.

Especially when you try to see the yard almost. At first, I wondered why the snakes seemed full. But this is the beauty that nature gives to all who truly left.

How to get there: From the city of Trat you take the 3148 highway to Laem Ngob about 3 km, then turn left on the 3155 motorway about 6.5 km. Turn left to the community office.

Incredibly, Danang's eastern part is full of amazing nature. Trad is ready to receive tourists. Which is the proof. Secondary is not really second.


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