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13 drinking benefits 1 glass of lemon water every day! – Health and Nutrition News


Drinking a glass of lemon water and the water you drink during the day offer 13 changes in the body.

1 – Burning Calories

Fitness experts say drinking a cup of lemon juice per day allows you to burn another 100 calories.

2 – Accelerates fat burning

Research shows that drinking water accelerates the burning of fats. Lemon water is recommended for people who want to accelerate burning more fat.

3 – Prevents cardiovascular disorders

Wood is rich in potassium. The contribution of potassium to heart and muscle is known by everyone, balancing tension.
Antioxidants found in lemon, cardiovascular disease are sustained to prevent.

4- Enhances the nervous system

Lemon reduces the risk of cold. Hot lemon water is known to be good for a cold. Antiseptic Lemon prevents swelling in the nose and throat.

5- Prevents the formation of kidney stones

When kidney concentration increases, kidney stones are formed. Citric acid, which increases the amount of urine and the pH value, prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Research shows that if people who have previously descended kidney stones, drink 100 ml of lemon water per day, they will not develop kidney stones again.

6 – Prevents iron deficiency

If there is not enough iron in the foods you eat, iron deficiency occurs over time. Wood is found in iron and also increases iron absorption in food.

– Reduces the risk of cancer

In one study, weighted fruit and vegetable diet prevented certain types of cancer. Although not yet proven, research suggests that citrus fruits are in the face of cancer.

8 – Ugly breathing

You can get rid of it with your immon smelling breath. It is said that the llimon water gargle has a bad bad odor due to citric acid.

9 – Enhances digestion

Carbohydrates form 1 in 10 lemons. The most common lemon fiber is pectin. This lightweight fiber is good for your health and regulates digestion.

In order to benefit from lime fibers, you must also consume the bark. The best way is to sprinkle half lemon and then boil in water and drink it in warm water.

10 – Reduces cholesterol

Studies on lemon substances, diosmin and hesperidine have found to reduce cholesterol.

11 – Prevents inflammation

Lemon ascorbic acid prevents inflammation. Hot lemon drink is one to prevent cold.

12- Wrinkle Fighting

Lemon protects collagen. As we get older, the level of collagen that fits causes wrinkles.

13- Tooth whitening

After 1 minute of lemon juice and a mixture of carbonate to your teeth to make sure your teeth are shaking to make sure you have more white teeth.

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