Tuesday , June 28 2022

An invention for the treatment of lung cancer at the Ege University


As a result of studies at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences of the University of Ege (EÜ) and the Center for Drug Development and Pharmacokinetics Research (ARGEFAR) in Izmir, a prototype for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer was developed and patented. About the prototype developed within the TÜBİTAK Project Read. Dr. Rector Prof. Dr. İskender Ince received information from the Rector. Dr. Necdet Budak congratulated Ince.

Research team of instructors working in different disciplines of the EÜ Institute of Nuclear Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine EÜ, Öğr. Read. Dr. TÜBİTAK under the leadership of İskender Ince, has made an important invention for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. During the treatment of lung cancer, a prototype was developed that did not affect healthy cells and managed to make the tumor cells ineffective. The prototype developed from the bioactive substance called timocinon, which is included in the black seed, was called "TQGMNP". Following 2 years of study, "TQGMNP" has been patented.

"They will be given to all people"

Rector EÜ Dr. Necdet Budak? Prototype? Read. Dr. Later, he congratulated the information. Strong academic staff is undergoing the important work of President Budak, "The Ege University to work in the group Nuclear Sciences Institute has prepared a medicine for cancer diagnosis and therapy. I am an open invitation to all domestic and all international investors in Turkey. The Ege University ticarestirilip the economy of this preparation as Rector And I ask for the acquisition of humanity Our teaching staff brings a lot of insights into the world of science. These findings must be used for the benefit of our society and our country.


Emphasizing that the preparation they developed could be used in both the diagnosis and the treatment of lung cancer. Read. Dr. Thin, "We have made this product a prototype that does not harm healthy cells and treats tumor cells during lung cancer treatment." That's what our Rector says, "we need investors," he said.

– Izmir

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