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Ankara News about the Eastern Express trip with patients


YASEMİN KALYONCUOĞLU – A physician from the capital, on the other hand, made a cultural tour at Kars with Eastern Express so that children with diabetes have a pleasant time with their families and feel they are not alone.

Specialist in pediatrics and endocrinology, doc. Dr. Ergun Çetinkaya organized an event in which children with diabetes can participate with their parents to draw attention to the World Diabetes Day on November 14th.

In this context, a team of 25 people, gathered at Ankara Station, started the Kars tour with Eastern Express. Patients and their families will have the opportunity to explore the historic sites of Kars.

Conf. Dr. Ergun Çetinkaya, said in a statement addressed to the AA correspondent, 10 years after the treatment of children and their families in groups of 25-30 people who participated in travel, he said.

This year, they went on a journey with Eastern Express, Kars will discover the historic and natural beauty of Çetinkaya, said:

Our goal is to make sure our patients and their families have a fusion with this journey, feel that they are not alone and have a perception like other children like me. "

– They went abroad before.

Çetinkaya said they had made their first trip to Beypazarı with their patients and then participated in the Ordu and Giresun tour and one of their patients said, "Can you take us abroad?" and the following year they went to Paris forcing all the conditions.

Çetinkaya: "We have forgotten, we are able to rise from below, we went to Italy, Dubai, Cyprus and Georgia," he said.

Cetinkaya, 25-hour train ride at the end of historic sites and historic sites in Kars and Cildir told us to visit.

– "The most important thing is to be friends with diabetes"

Hazal Naz Baca, an 11-year-old diabetic patient, said she was delighted to visit Kars for the first time.

Indicating that the diagnosis of diabetes this year, Baca, healthy diet, medicines and those who regularly use the disease under control, he said.

Fata Sude Çelebi, 16, reported having met diabetes at age 5, stressing that motivation was the most important factor in the fight against this disease.

Çelebi, "The most important thing is to be a friend of diabetes, to learn to live with him, not to see him as a disease, I have learned from years of experience in the field of diabetes, the insulin pump has greatly contributed to me much to make friends with diabetes. "Together, we look at our sugar levels, it is very fun, besides traveling, there are theater and picnic organizations." All news from the Local News section Anadolu,
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