Thursday , March 30 2023

Antibiotic is not relieving pain – Çapakçur Bingöl News


Bingöl Department of Provincial Health, World Antibiotic Awareness Week activities in the field of unconscious use of antibiotics made an explanation on the bad.

During the World Antibiotic Awareness Week, which was celebrated to raise awareness of the use of antibiotics between November 12-18, the Bingöl Provincial Health Department made a statement about the damage caused by the use of the unconscious antibiotic.

Bingöl The Provincial Health Department said the following statements were included; Since their discovery, antibiotics have served as basic elements of modern medicine in infectious diseases. However, over time, unconscious and excessive use of antibiotics in human and animal health, inadequacy of hygiene, inadequate vaccination and inadequate administration of infection control measures have resulted in the spread and spread of antibiotic resistance. The only way to maintain antibiotic efficacy in future generations is rational use of antibiotics. To do this, first of all, diagnosis of infections should be done correctly using evidence-based diagnostic methods. Microbiological tests and agent determination and antibiotic susceptibility testing are the most important factors in choosing the right antibiotics. This reduces the use of unnecessary antibiotics in the broad spectrum.

It should be borne in mind that antibiotics have no place in the treatment of infections caused by viruses such as cold or flu, and undesirable side effects can be observed with the use of unnecessary antibiotics.

Unnecessary and unnecessary use of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance. In this case, antibiotics may not work if they really need it. For this reason, antibiotics should only be used in appropriate amount and time, in consultation with the pharmacist, when prescribed by the physician.

Unless the prescriber is prescribed, antibiotics should not be used with his or her recommendation or recommendations.

Antibiotics are not analgesic, antipyretic and can not cure each disease.

The Strategic Action Plan for National Antimicrobial Resistance "has been developed with the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and all relevant stakeholders under the coordination of the Ministry of Health to develop national strategies to ensure rational use of antibiotics in human and animal health and to fight against antimicrobial resistance and ensuring cross-sectoral coordination. The most important feature of this prepared national action plan; and to strengthen coordination between sectors. The implementation of rational policies on the use of antibiotics in our country, raising awareness in society, strengthening surveillance systems, controlling and preventing infections will be among the biggest gains in this action plan.

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