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Awards at the 8th International Film Festival in Antalya


8. The Malatya International Film Festival won prizes
"Announces" selected the best film in the festival

MALATYA – This was the 8th most famous film of Malatya's international film festival, directed by Mahmut Fazil Coskun. The films of Gecede Güvercin and Aydede have been awarded in several categories.
The 8th Malatya International Film Festival, which began on November 9, ended with a prize ceremony. Yekta Kopan was the host of the award night, which began with the passage of the red carpet in the bridal hall of the City Hall.
Maltese people have shown a special interest in the festival, which brought together many movie lovers. The first prize was awarded to "The Teacher" in the short international film. Lina Bokhary, who is director of the cinematographic department affiliated with the Palestinian Culture Ministry, presented film director Maxim Elagin.
The best short feature of national shorts was awarded the Infinity Prize, and the Special Prize of the Jury was awarded "Everything in the Way". The awards were presented by director Emre Konuk, a jury member.
Malatya Film Platform Awards
The support exhibition for the development of the Malatya film platform for the film was given to the films "A peak of cloves, a wolf and a hero of our time". The awards were awarded by azer Elijin Musaoğlu.
TRT Platform Film Support for short film production "Snow films, winter, apocalyptic, Adam Adam and Zemberek" have gone. The film Mez December Eğ was awarded the Ertem Eğilmez Prize for the production of family films from the Malatya International Film Festival. Again, support for TRT's pre-production was given to the movie "I Have A Dream".
The International Feature Award went to "The Load"
Later in the festival, the best feature of the international film film was adopted. The special prize of the jury Nuri Bilge Ceylan Juriu in the international feature film, where he was chaired by the jury, enrolled in the film "Aga".
Crystal Apricot The best international film prize was awarded to Ognjen Glavonic "The Load". Juri, President Nuri Bilge Ceylan, in his short speech at the award ceremony of "Very good films, we discussed with the jury, we have achieved results unanimously close to the results."
In the category of the best film director, Hal Halef Film and Murat Düzgünoğlu and Mahmut Fazil Coskun were awarded the Ulusal Best Film Director Fil. National Short Film Contest Lütfü Akad The best film was given to Vuslat Sarçoğlu's "Borç".
The National Feature Film Award Ulvi Saran Juri Special Award was awarded to the "Pigeon" movie during the night, while SİYAD won the "Advertising" award for the best film prize.
While the Crystal Apricot Prize was awarded to Bilal Çelik with the best actor Aydede Film, the prize was awarded to Zilan Düzdaban with the fourth "Triangle" in the "Promising Actress" category.
Fahri Kayahan's best film award in Malatya was awarded Canset Özge Can with Güvercin and Kruum Rodrigues with Best Picture Director.
Crystal Apricot received the award for Best Editing for Mesut Ulutas with The Pigeon, while Osman Özcan awarded Best Art Director with "Advertising".
The prize for the supporting actor was presented to Ruhi Sarı with the film "Güvercin", while the Best Supporting Actress Award was presented to Banu Fotocan with the film "Aydede".
Crystal Apricot The best actor has been awarded two names. In the festival, Kemal Burak Alper and Halef Filmi and Baran Şükrü Babacan received the best actor awards with Güvercin.
The best actress was awarded to Ezgi Mola with Aydede, and Kemal Sunal was awarded Cinar. Again, Crystal Apricot Best Screenplay was awarded to Abdurrahman Oner with Yine Aydede Yine. The Best Director Award was announced with Mahmut Fazil Coskun.
Advertising has selected the best movie
In the final of the festival, the Malatya International Crystal Apricot Best Film Award was Uluslararası Announcement ise, which won many awards. Film director Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun received the award from Governor Aydın Baruş.
The prize night ended with a collective photograph of the photo. Aydın Aydın Festival Governor, Malatya Governor, Mayor of Hacı Uğur Polat, Mayor of Yeşilyurt Mehmet Çınar, Deputy Mayor of Battalgazi Muzaffer Sayın, Rector of İnönü University Prof.Dr. Ahmet Kızılay, as well as director Nuri Bilge Ceylan, actor Sheriff Sezer, Ipek Tuzcuoğlu, Haluk Piyes joined these well-known names.

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