Wednesday , August 17 2022

Awareness interview for ALS in Buca


Health interviews of BUCA municipality within the City Hall "What is ALS?" There was a discussion on the topic "Approach to ALS disease".

He spoke about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disease of the famous British physicist Stephen Hawking. He spoke about the unit of neurological diseases at the Tepecik Education and Research Hospital in Izmir. Prof. Dr. Filiz Sertpoyraz and ALS President Alper Kaya joined. In an interview, Dr. Sertpoyraz in the world, 420000, while in Turkey, gave general information about the disease to 8,000 people. Since 2010, as a large team, this patient group has been informed about this service. Sertpoyraz, "We have no chance to do anything about this unknown disease, all disciplines work together, neurologists, physical therapists, psychiatrists, chest and palliative care professionals should evaluate these patients together," he said.

ALS Alper Kaya, chairman of the ALS Association, drew attention to the difficulties of living with this disease. ALS patients for the stone under his hand are very small, indicating that the rock: "If you support ALS patients, everyday life, if you keep your souls alive, they can live for many years, but now 82.6% 85.7% of the patients did not have the support of the social workers and 92.3% of the patients did not receive speech and swallow therapy, and 88.5% of the patients did not have psychotherapeutic and The vast majority of patients are provided by their relatives. "The vast majority of patients do not have rehabilitation support," he said.


ALS, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is also known as motor neurone disease. It is a disease that develops as a result of the loss of cells called motor nerve cells in the stem and spinal areas. Muscle weakness usually starts with the melting and weakness of the hands. The person feels the muscles in the area of ​​the hand and the weakness in the grip. Sometimes it can start in the linguistic area. May cause problems with swallowing and speech. Also, in people with leg muscles, weakness and movement under the skin can be felt as movement, the medical name can develop complaints called fascicular. Respiratory problems can develop in the advanced stages of the disease. Patients are usually over 50 years of age, and male involvement is more common. It may also appear in younger and older times.



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