Monday , June 27 2022

Being an Atatürk's enemy was not easy!


November 10, ahead of the Presidency for Religious Affairs, President Ali Erbas returned to the agenda with Kadir Mýroğlu's visit, in his last speech, "Mustafa Kemal is not as big as you think"

"I want the Greeks to come victorious" with the expression of the reaction and, finally, with the visit of Ali Erbas, the President of Religious Affairs View Kadir's full profile In his speech entitled "Saturday Discussions"Contact Mustafa directly not as big as you think, "he said.

"I felt officially at ATATURK in high school"

Mısıroğlu, "Mustafa Kemal pays the price of his hatred," saying: "I was a student at school, I do not know what I said, but I was fired for a week." He is an Atatürk's enemy. "" It was not easy to be his enemy Ataturk, I say this, because the price of hostility is paid.


Talking about his claim that he was a Jew, he said, "I, in my opinion, have been born in the most beautiful city in the world. There is no Jew.

"Pay with them

Of those who complain about him, "18 there is a plaintiff, the Communist Party # 1, the People's Party # 2, so it continues. I am proud of their complaint," he said.

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