Wednesday , May 31 2023

Breathing and the wonderful wedding of Tahir in the Black Sea! Say to the Black Sea 31. New Episode 2. Trailer Watch!


You're talking about 31 episode 31 of the Black Sea that came on the ATV. You will see the new section of the Black Sea on the evening of November 21, the bride comes breathing. Despite all the evil and misleading plans of Vedat, Tahir and Nefes are not separate. These two lovers, who love their love for a wonderful wedding, finally have a taste of tasting. Breathing is a great surprise for Tahir at the wedding.

Tahir proposes to breathe. Tahir comes to ask Breath. Tahir's tongue is seen in front of his bridegroom. Breathing towards the beloved; Or when a woman was loved, she said, "You like it very much." In the second part of the 31st episode of the Black Sea, you can say. Tahir and Nefes married a fairy-tale wedding. Breathable bridal dress with Tahir groom. Lovers are so happy. Breathing, Tahir is "good that you," he says. Breathing at the wedding horror is a great surprise. T

What do you think you saw in the Black Sea?
Breathing is aware that he was not alone for the first time when he was arrested for trying to kill Vedat. Dancing a huge family behind her, what will Vedas do when she hears that she desires her divinity as a result of her freedom? Will he submit to Vedat's will or will he choose Tahir or his family at the expense of his freedom? Fikret prepares a big surprise, Vedat is behind him. Who will get from Fikret, Vedat? What about punishing Vedat's betrayal? Tahir has a plan against Vedat's plan. What will Tahir do to save Breathing?

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