Tuesday , June 28 2022

British Arsenal Giant, Cengiz Under for 50 million


Cengiz Ünder, who is the most talked about the name of the transfer market in Europe, once again entered the agenda. In the British daily Daily Star, Arsenal is very enthusiastic for Cengiz Under. Arsenal manager Unai Emery questioned and wanted to see the national star for proposing a 50 million euro proposal.

Contact Roma

For the last two seasons, the 21-year-old, who was noted for his success in Rome, has been in contact with Rome. At the start of the next season, Arsenal was determined to take a concrete step on Cengiz Ünder, even if he was not in the circuit.


If Topcloud is able to convince Rome, Cengiz's transfer will be 50 million euros. In this way, the record of being transferred to the highest bonservis in the history of Turkish football will be captured by the young footballer.

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