Tuesday , June 28 2022

Care for Street Animals – ANTALYA NEWS HERE


The street animals in the Finike neighborhood of ANTALYA are sterilized, neat and cared after all vaccinations are taken back to the street.

Care for street animals

The municipality of Finike has begun an identification study on the uninhabited animal. Veterinarians sterilize, take care of and all the ears of ear ears on the street are attached to the street where they are taken.

Mayor Kaan Osman Sarıoğlu: "We live with the animals on the street, live with our animal friends and we will continue to live together, take them in primitive conditions and take them to other places instead of veterinarians, in collaboration with the veterinarian sterilizing street animals, this is the earring and the cube, in fact, we received a note, where we received when we received what vaccines I did and where I left, the same neighborhood, the same street entrusted to the residents of the neighborhood, he said.

Veteran Erkan Oktar also gave information on street animals. Oktar, "Unseen dogs are brought to the collection area before moving on the street. The next day we take the surgery." Intrauterine parasites are made. Re-collection is taken at the reception after a few days after being taken by municipal teams in the region where there is no danger, "he said.

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