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CHP flash development … Kocaoglu: I applied


Kocaoglu, "The Urban Development Project of Aktepe-Emrez City Urban Development Project" in his speech at the meeting, said earlier that the process of urbanization was successful, the same project will do the same, said he.

In his speech, Kocaoglu said in his speech on the Izmir Metropolitan Municipal candidacy, said:

"I did"

"10 years have said that the mayor is enough, I did not want to do it in the last 10 years, I said," A friend of ours receives the flag, the mayor is not a political profession, then the conditions have developed differently. This time, I said, "15 years ago, there is no other president who has been the city's mayor for 150 years in the 150-year-old city.
Let this pavilion advance, "I said, but the developments, the events that I experienced, determined me to decide again to become a candidate this morning, and I applied as a candidate candidate, and I wish all candidates for success."

Regardless of who the candidate, his party, and the citizens of Izmir, have indicated to work Kocaoglu, "Neither Izmir nor the party, I do not think I will leave the idea, and I will honor my honor and work with honor." he said.

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"I gave you"

Kocaoglu, "Candidate if it looks another 5 years, I promise you to work day and night." he said.

Mayor Gaziemir Halil Ibrahim Senol, Mayor of Bornova Olgun Atilla, Mayor of Bergama, Mehmet Gonenc, Mayor of Karaburun, Ahmet Cakir, and beneficiaries attended.

At the intersection of the Akçay streets and the İzmir Peripheral Highway, the project is opposite the new fairground and has an area of ​​1,000 square meters 220 square meters, approximately 836 buildings and 4,000 966 independent units and 2,000 820 rights holders .

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