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Fatih Terim: "From Gray Gayr, a street street. You know, again, Mr.


The UEFA Champions League, Group D, Galatasaray, defeated today 2-0 with the Schalke 04 match. Speaking at a press conference after the meeting, Fatih Terim made important statements.

Fatih Terim, who began the press conference evaluating the match he played with Schalke 04, said: "It is a great misfortune to start the game as we had a goal when we started off. There are two of these positions. he said.

Terim, who said he was willing and willing to play in the game, said they still could not change the score. Fatih Terim "We eat the goal in simplicity, but we can not change, we have 10-12 positions in Porto easier than they, unfortunately they could not designate." After Schalke became the judge of the game, I left the game. they won. " in the form of.

Fenerbahce after the match, referring to the events of Fatih Terim "Maybe we are struggling with sporting things, trying to find a solution, but after the needle sank into the needle there are external problems to sink the bag. While the second half continued with 2-0, there was a field management that had to lower the tempo of a team, sabotage the game before the decisions it took or did not get or wrong, then the tribunes and us, angry turbines and new ones Sometimes there is a hut Sometimes you can look at people from the tribune.

"I think those who have caused events to come to that dimension should also be subjected to the evaluation process, put your hand in your conscience, those who have worked for you, if you want to look, changed the agenda? " Fatih Terim, team or people. Galatasaray must be seen as a struggle against Galatasaray, Galatasaray Galatasaray and Fatih Terim must act together to those who are uncomfortable, looking at the whole picture as we gather, a table of labor is not afraid of seeking the right to appear. There are few such formations. " he said.

Despite the lack of players in front of the Champions League opponents in Fatih Terim, we are in UEFA 's dayz. It's not a good thing to look at what's going wrong, I never had any intention of deflecting the target. Try, the purpose of the question, I'm not ashamed, that's why you become this match. in the form of.

Referee Fırat Aydınus said, "If he thinks it is the right match, he calls two players with a yellow card, then the game ends. I also did not threaten any" you did all the challenges. "" Yes, I'm not hiding. he said.

"Certainly, he does not approve of the behavior, but Hassan, without waiting for someone to punish him, without punishing a certain man and a technical character, making his own self-criticism. If there is anything else, I have to decide whether we have something to do with it, I insist that the benefit is more for him, saying, "I spit or something, I did not spit on anyone, I did what I did when I did it. he said.

The term "Criminal what happens will not know what is not yet, but we will be 11 people out of the field, just to do their job is not 11, the penalty area is not sure but is likely to play for all those who died." During the match, the match between the circuit and usually fit In the press conference I was not aware of this and I said: The first thing I said at the press conference was that I was having a bad kid, that I had the sadness and mercy of my child's death. I condemn those who use them to change the immoral agenda. " he said.

Fatih Terim "Look, my friend, I forgot everything quickly, the game came over night, you will not remember much, the last game, two Galatasaray were dead and the game would not die if it were not. that no life, no success, no victory, no victory can ever be replaced. How can I put something else in its place? "he said.

I have something to say. When my fans perform choreography or listen to their voice for Galatasaray, these and other things are told, unfortunately.

He said he did everything I could to make sure that this community can not be defeated. "All I have to say is that we have more work to do for our common dreams." he said.

"There is an informal bully and a street, he spoke again about the gentleman, more about the water, to move on, to move on and use expressions as a street bully does not fit with the vision of Ali Koç . " I hope I'm not wrong. – GELSEN KIRCHEN

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