Thursday , March 30 2023

His father and son died in the hospital parking lot with a firearm


Father and son died in an army battle in the Adana hospital parking lot.

The incident took place in a public car park in Yüreğir hospitals. According to the statement, father Ahmet Buyukgöçer (69) and his son, Ozan Büyükgöçer (35 years old), lived in the hospital parking jeeps. During the attack, Ahmet and his son Ozan Büyükgöçer were seriously injured. Ozan Büyükgöçer lost his life, and father Ahmet Büyükgöçer was taken to the hospital. Ismail İ. the leg was slightly hurt after the fire was opened.

Baba Ahmet Büyükgöçer, despite the intervention in 02.30, could not be saved. The bodies of his father and son were taken to the morgue of the Adana Institute of Forensic Medicine for autopsy.

The police launched the incident to capture 2 people who made the incident.

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