Thursday , March 30 2023

İçel News – Alzheimer's COPD Conference


Tolu FUM / Tarsus (Mersin), (DHA) – Tarsus Mersin Alzheimer's Association in Turkey, November 16, World COPD "Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease," (COPD) held the conference.
Tarsus Municipality Ülker Aydın Conference on Solidarity of the Elderly and Erinç University of Mersin University (MEU) Chief Medical Faculty of the Department of Chronic Diseases. Dr. Cengiz Özge gave it. Özge, who gave information about the disease cycle by defining COPD, spoke about the effects of COPD on human health and explained the steps to be taken in the diagnosis, treatment and treatment of the disease. Özge stressed the importance of eating, walking and clean air during the disease process and responded to the questions of the participants.
In the last part of the conference, the flowers were presented at Özge.

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