Thursday , January 20 2022

Is the new episode trailer released after the last episode?


In the 114th episode of the "Band to the World" series, Hızır gave all his obligations for the retirement of his brother İlyas. After this development, what Ilyas did was the re-launch of many wars. To the final scenes in section 114, striking developments took place one after the other. When Ilyas and Alparslan headed for the same purpose, they saw him as the nephew of Ilyas, who said Alparslan warned him louder and said he no longer wanted to see.

After this incident, the final stage ended in a surprising situation. Khidr's exhausted house in Unal's house, "poisoned me", fell to the floor saying: This scene ended with episode 114.

Khidr, retiring, declaring that he was responsible for Çakırbeylı İlyas İlyas family. Izzet, who has lost his money, partners, and therefore his power, hired Fuat to reach an agreement with Elijah. If there is a settlement, the conditions are clear; Peace in exchange for the traitor on behalf of … The result of the agreement of the misleading fire relationship is a matter of time, it starts to be a plague. Fire will quickly dispose of this scourge to save itself. When Ilyas takes full control, he smokes the dust and does not hesitate to sign his executions. He will not pay the price of the great war he initiated with the fear of fearing the enemies of his enemies …

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