Friday , January 27 2023

It comes at reducing gasoline! – Last Minute News


World crude oil prices are expected to drop from $ 85 to $ 72, and a fall in the dollar is expected to fall 17 cents per liter last week. Industry representatives, from the evening of 15 to 20 cents per liter of gasoline in reduction will be said. The reduction will be reflected directly on the pump. Since May, the mobile system has been implemented in order not to reflect the effect of the increase in the exchange rate on citizens. With this system, the increase in the exchange rate was achieved by the SCT. The mobile app Eskel came in gasoline. It expects the state to complete the SCT in the engine in two weeks. Since the end of November, a 25 cents reduction in the engine is said to be reflected on the pump.


Imran Okumus, chairman of the Petroleum Product Employers' Association (PÜİS), recalling that state SCT claims were satisfied for gasoline. Okumus said that tonight a 25-cents reduction will be made on the engine. "However, depending on the mobile system, the state will have 50 cents in the engine. From the end of November, the engine will be reflected in the reduction of the Okumus pump, with 20-25 cents, discount in the engine said.


Banks have received a high commission on the credit card and this situation has left dealers affirming that the difficult situation of Okumus has said: "Banks pay credit card rates up to 3 percent, and we expect this from other banks. one step in this direction, we will be able to reduce gasoline. "


To prevent frequent changes in fuel prices, the state moved to Mobile Elagate on May 14th, thus allowing for the automatic increase in Special Consumer Fee (SCT) prices. For example, when the price of petrol increased by 50 cents, the SCT in gasoline was reduced by 50 cents, and the price of the petrol pump was kept constant.


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