Saturday , May 28 2022

Last minute … MHP has been nominated for some mayoral candidates


MHP vice-president of local governments, Sadir Durmaz, made statements about local elections. Durmaz, in his written statement, following the evaluation of the MHP headquarters election commission and the state garden approval of the final elections of 31 March 2019.

According to the Mayor-candidate's statement:

Mayor-candidate of Mersin-Tarsus County Candidate-candidate, first deputy mayor Mersin-Anamur Hidayet Kılınç, Mayor of Mersin-Erdemli. Bayar, Mayor of Kirikkale-Sulakyurt District, Ismail Bildik, mayor of Sanliurfa-Siverek district, Fatih Mehmet Bucak, Mayor of Sanliurfa-Harran, Mahmut Ozyavuz, Mayor of Manisa-Salihli district, candidate Zeki Kayda.


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