Monday , June 27 2022

Look for Yalova for Kaşıkçı's body!


The search for the inanimate body of journalist Cemal Kaşıkçı, who was killed in the General Consulate of Saudi Arabia, continues.

In the morning of the villa in Samanlı village, the gendarmerie and police teams began investigating the killing of Saudi journalist Cemal Kaşıkçı. It has been seen that the teams who searched for the villa used the drone with dogs trained in their works.

Governor Yalova, Muammer Erol, said in a statement about villa search, "The Istanbul General Prosecutor's Office, Cumhuriyet in the village of Samanlı, learned that belonging to an Arab businessman in the villa is sought.

It was reported that the villa belonged to a Saudi businessman who was a friend of the prince and that nobody had been here for a month.
On the other hand, private criminal teams after the huge villa near another part of the villa searched.

The search for a Yalova villa for the killing of Saudi journalist Cemal Kaşıkçı was extended and a search for an adjoining villa was begun. In the garden of the first villa he sought the killing of Cemal Kaşıkçı, the fountain was taken to the garden and a fire truck was brought to the garden.

The entrance of the villa was seen to take action, the security forces, the region does not bring anyone near.


It was discovered that a search for a Saudi businessman was made using the corpse dog in the villas in Yalova. Jamal Kaşıkçı bilgileyer obtained by a person in the country who came to Turkey for the execution team of 15 people killed in the embassy, ​​Arabian citizens unnamed Arab crime on October 2, the businessman called. Yalova, the owner of the villa business, could not get information about the interview. But a Saudi businessman learned that at that time abroad, concerned with a short-term visit to Turkey in the past two months, the businessman would have been coming to Turkey.


The Cemal Kaşıkçı event on the search for 2 villas appears to be illegal. In 2014 it was found that one of the farms, one of which was grown as an apple orchard, was subject to criminal proceedings because it was illegal.

At the order of the Istanbul General Prosecutor's Office, the search for 2 halls in the Samanlı district of Yalova continued for 7 hours. In the most comprehensive search for calls made by the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia and consulates in Istanbul, specialized criminal teams are investigating whether there are special sections in both houses.
3 water wells in the property garden, with an area of ​​3750 square meters, are also wanted by police teams. After the water was drained into the water wells, the teams began to search for a stairway.

On the other hand, the Saudi businessman's most comprehensive search for the Saudi business man who owned the mansion in 2014, Mohammed Alfozan and Muhammad Alsuhai, two people were bought on behalf of the domain because a zoning authorization field was illegally built.

The other mansion in which the search was made was also owned by Omary Turizm Gıda Tic. Overcoming. It was discovered that the area, which was bought from the building and which was seen as an apple orchard, was still illegally built.
King Salman and crown photographs were on the walls at the entrance to the fugitive mansion.


Saudi journalist Cemal Kaşıkçı could not leave the consulate again on October 2. The Saudi Arabian administration has announced that Spooner died during a fight but did not provide information about the location of the body.

In the investigation launched in Saudi Arabia on this subject, five of the 11 people accused of murder were called to a death penalty.

Last week, US President Donald Trump said US intelligence services continued to assess the murder of journalist Cemal Kaşıkçı, adding that Mr. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Selman may have information about Croatian ruler Mohammed bin Selman gil. he describes it as "the adversary" and the lawyer, but in our decisions on this unacceptable crime these statements did not play a role. The crown prince could have already learned about this tragic event, maybe it happened, maybe not. In addition, we can never have a full idea of ​​Kaşıkçı's killing. "And Saudi Arabia's response to Iran was an important ally.


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