Thursday , March 30 2023

Minister Varank tests the Hybrid Toyota Corolla


Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Arifiye Sakarya District, Toyota Turkey will take place in the new Corolla Sedan Hybrid production plant investigations found.

Minister Varank made a statement after the review, Hybrid Corolla will be produced for the first time in the world, said it will be one of the production centers of the model in Turkey, he told us here that the opportunity to see and use the pattern.

For the first time a car in this class will be manufactured in Turkey transferring Varank this technology to replace fast diesel cars in Europe, he stressed the importance of having to be produced in Turkey.

"Planned to be exported to 100 countries"

Thanks to the emerging technologies, electric and hybrid vehicles are on a large scale and conventional engines have been replaced by Varank.

"We give priority to projects and investments in this direction. In fact, the production of hybrid vehicles in our country has been a distant target. This objective was followed by the close pursuit of our investment office and by our president two years ago.

It was possible for Toyota to encourage her personally. We have significant support for high-value production. In fact, Toyota also benefited from our investment incentives for this investment. Toyota, which exports 90% of its 280,000 capacity last year, is Toyota. We will continue to invest in our country with advanced technologies. New hybrid vehicles will be removed from mass production in January and will be offered to our country in February. This new model, which is close to fuel savings of 50 percent per vehicle, is planned to be exported to 100 different countries in Turkey. With the widespread use of hybrid vehicles in our country, we will see decreases in fuel imports. Thus, our external trade deficit will decrease ".

Minister Varank, the performance of the vehicle is high, "Congratulations. Fuel saving of hybrid and ecological electric vehicles in our country will continue to support our production and use." he said.

Minister Ahmet Hamdi Nayir, AK Sakarya Çiğdem deputies Erdoğan Atabek and Kenan Sofuoğlu, President of the Presidential Investment Office Arda Ermut, Metropolitan Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, Provincial Police Director Fatih Kaya, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Cengiz Yiğit, Toyota Automotive Turkey Industrial Vice President, Necdet Senturk Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sakarya President Akgun Anderson, Party AK Sakarya Province President Fevzi Sword and was accompanied by other officials.

New Corolla Hybrid

The 12th generation Toyota Corolla will be produced by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey in Sakarya. In January 2019 the hybrid version of the New Corolla unloading, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing lines, so the C-Hybrid models are based on the future of Turkey.

The sedan will be produced for the first time in a hybrid system supporting a 1.8-liter gasoline engine, followed by the hatchback exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018 and the third trunk option, following the types of sporting sports exhibited at the Paris Motor Show. Since 1966, he has sold more than 150 countries out of a total of 46 million units sold to Corolla, Toyota outside Japan, for the first time in Turkey's production facilities began to practice TNG at (Toyota New Global Architecture) be produced at the platform.

The new Corolla Sedan will be discharged from production lines with two different engine options. The 1.8-liter hybrid self-charging option offers 122 horsepower, allowing for zero-emission electric transmission up to 50% of daily use. The 1.6-liter petrol engine delivers efficiency and performance at the same time. Combined with a six-speed manual transmission or an optional CVT automatic transmission, the engine produces 132 horsepower.

With updated features, the new Corolla Sedan, which introduces the new Toyota Safety Sense technology, will be produced in January next year. The first hybrid SUVs in Turkey and C-HR continue to produce Toyota Motor Manufacturing also produces the new Corolla will be the second hybrid hybrid base in Turkey.

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