Friday , February 3 2023

Research: Eating more than 70 grams of salami and sausages poses a risk of cancer



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Eda Balcı, a specialist in nutrition and dietetics, pointed out that eating more than 70 grams of red meat a day increases the risk of bowel cancer and said: “In particular, it is necessary not to consume too many products such as processed meat products. , salami and sausages ”.

Beykent University Eda Balcı, a research assistant at the School of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, provided important information about the “intestinal microbiota”, also known as the “intestinal flora”.

Affirming that the integrity of the living organism in the gut is called the ‘intestinal microbiota’, “These living organisms can be found in beneficial and harmful species. Many factors such as genetics, nutrition, physical activity and age can affect the gut microbiota. Nutrition is the main factor among these factors. “ he spoke.

“Even sleep affects”

Stressing that certain foods and different types of diets can affect the number and health of living organisms in the gut, Balcı said: “Probiotics, prebiotics, high-fiber vegetables and fruits, exercise, stress avoidance and adequate sleep are very important for intestinal health. Of course, excessive food consumption is a risk factor for intestinal diseases. Refined, processed foods and high consumption of Animal protein A study on this topic shows that packaged foods and a diet program high in animal protein have a very bad effect on gut health, altering the balance of harmful and beneficial bacteria in the gut. used the expressions.

Balcı drew attention to the fact that excessive consumption of red meat and processed forms of red meat (such as salami, sausages), which are sources of animal protein, play a role in the formation of colon cancer in the following words:

“In a related study, it was found that the risk of developing bowel cancer in people who ate 2 servings of red meat a day increased by 35% compared to those who ate only 1 serving of red meat a week. Red meat is a source of high quality protein.It is particularly rich in zinc and iron minerals.It is also rich in vitamins B3, B6 and B12.Of these vitamins, especially vitamin B12 is a very good source. of vitamin B12 in red meat, as it is only found in animal sources.Despite all these beneficial effects, attention must be paid to the consumption of red meat.Especially foods such as sausages and salamis produced by processing red meat can pose a serious risk to health. Our. “

“Care must be taken not to eat more than the required amount of red meat”

Stressing that the risk of bowel cancer increases in those who consume 70 grams and more of red meat per day in a study conducted in England, Balcı said: “Therefore, it is recommended to consume less than 70 grams per day. for red meat. We should be careful not to eat more red meat than the amount that should be consumed daily, especially the consumption of processed red meat should be avoided for our intestinal health. “

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