Thursday , March 30 2023

SMA Hatice's patient faces the joy of medication


Hazat Özkan and his family in Izmir's Shimmer Muscle Atrophy (SMA) face the joy of leaving the days behind the announcement of the "initiation of individual drug supply requests" from the Ministry of Health covering patients with type 2 and type 3 SMA. Hazat Özkan, a 37-year-old woman living in the Narlıdere neighborhood, where she is diagnosed with "SMA", also known as "muscular disease" at the age of 10, and has two years of life, is an example for everyone with loyalty to life. Özkan, who began education with the support of his mother Hatice Özkan, kept her in contact with her computer chief and graduated from the Department of Justice of the Faculty of Economics at Anadolu University with distance studies and Atatürk University, the Department of Justice . the patient is happy to receive the requests.

Hatice Özkan, announced the news with a friend, wrote a message while using the computer and said he was very happy. A disease without treatment for many years as he and his family saying Özkan, "the Health Ministry has previously given medicines for the treatment of SMA Type 1. Patients will be covered now. I used my hand before, like swallowing and chewing I could I will be very happy to perform these functions again.Ozkan said he was looking forward to starting the application and using the medicine.Thanked all the authorities.Mother returned to Özkan said that his daughter had a time Ozkan, who expressed his television news: "I am very happy for years, the approval of the Ministry of Health, thank all those who have contributed, I hope my daughter is using my hands, I want to I see the days when something could be done alone, "he said.

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