Thursday , January 28 2021

Super League shock team shock!

Over the past few days, a certain public awareness of public negotiation to attract Ozturk's public attention, public management this day, confidence in the world of football on the ground and results on land are clearly seen with the increase in occupancy in stands each day, he said.

According to a spokesman, Ozturk, footballers and club staff have promised to pay some of their claims, saying he said: "We have created material resources." What we have to pay for each occasion was blocked by those who say he loves Antalyaspor. "Our bank accounts can not be processed with two blockings at 16.40 for the minutes of our promise. moment of one of the lovers in Antalyaspor, who said that the city's own son, who praised that the previous president Cihan Cloud period, the other leadership of Sukru Ulker our community was deeply hurt. The fact that the executive procedure was made by Ali Kuş, a another former board member, has disturbed us


This warranty application of 1 million 916,000 pounds revealed that Ozturk, the execution of mortgages, 216,000 pounds of cloud application, half of which is completed and payments continue to 1 million 700 pounds Ülker.

Explaining that the names are temporary and that the institutions are permanent, Öztürk Adır Loss is not directed directly to our management, but to the biggest brand in Antalyaspor and Antalya. We see this as a blow to the club's future. While we focused on a whole city, a critical encounter with the Third Upper League in Antalyaspor, we wanted to make no such statement. Initiatives that do not have good will. We leave this initiative and the results that will be created by the people in our community at the discretion of the public to leave Antalyaspor in a difficult situation and to destroy the legitimate trust that our administration creates in public. " he said.

About the sadness of the impossibility of fulfilling the promises given to the former footballers for the first time during the presidency of Antalyaspor Ozturk, two months ago, a president's own club, especially such an amusing amount, such as 216,000 pounds for to do so, is reported completely intentionally. Olm We are Antalia and Antalyasporluysak, our biggest duty is to bring this club in the best places in the fastest and most correct way. I think we should react together to this kind of behavior in a stronger way. güçlü said Ozturk, athletes, suppliers who can not receive salaries for more than seven months, he said.

Öztürk said he hoped that these managers would be able to take their minds and think their priorities in their minds. "Do you see this as something bad?" he answered:

There are a lot of words I have done. There are many words I do not want to explain here. You're the one who called your name. I see it is a move towards the future of Antalyaspor. I can not accept that. If we say that we are Antalya, Antalyasporluyuz should not be so easy. Show me my brother, tell her, "I am so." As president, I was ashamed to demand 216,000 pounds. You know the financial risks that we make as a family. As president wants to collect such a small payment in such a short time, Bu Shame. We do everything we can to family. On the one hand, there are 216,000 pounds in the president of the loan, the task is left immediately when he wants it back, on the other hand the risk of over 300 million pounds a president, talking about the family. This is a family who puts his hand under the stone because he believes in the club. You know we give in. You know our sponsorships. I'm ashamed to tell them. Frivolity. I can not think of anything else. I do not know what the reason is. I suppose yogurt ends at the factory. It must be a bit necessary for the production of yoghurt

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