Saturday , October 1 2022

The gold on the bottom of the cushion melted a lot


President of the Jewish Chamber of Istanbul (İKO), Mustafa Atayık,The rise in gold prices with speculative attacks has greatly melted gold under the pillow. There is currently a recession. People are waiting. If the golden gram remains at 200 pounds, it shows a great demand for our people. If the price drops below 200 pounds, the citizen's gold acquisitions explode. Internal market to take action"He said.

Atayık answered questions about gold prices and the jewelry sector.

Atayık said gold prices could move upwards due to developments in global markets and demand fell due to relatively high interest rates on developed markets.

Turkey in the dollar due to foreign economic fluctuations that reminiscent of Atayık reflected in the gold price, used the following statements:

  • "Afaki's price was below Turkey the price of 266 pounds were observed. We could see them, we tell them to be careful when they shop for our people. Because part of the seated on the balance of economic issues that fiyatlardı prices. And temporarily now. Dollars was filmed under $ 5.50, gold grams at 210 pounds "

Atayık said he expects the continued withdrawal of gold prices, "we think it grows more than the Ons price. Gram gold price also decreases gradually. If gold prices persist, the economic recovery process in Turkey could also drop to 200 pounds around. They are now our predictions. Really an arrangement unless it is possible. " he said.

"Gold prices explode if prices fall below £ 200"

Atayık, in September-September, the speculative attacks, the citizens demand for gold exchange increased, saying that people expect a fall in prices at this time, he said.

Atayık noted:

  • "The rise in gold prices, with speculative attacks, has melted gold under the pillow to a large extent. Now there is a recession." People are waiting. If gold grams remain below 200 pounds, they will have a great demand for our people. moves.
  • People have melted the gold accumulations under the pillow for the sale of snow, now they have to replace them. Because we are the most trusted citizen of gold. "

Atayık said he believes that if balance in the markets continues, demand for gold and real estate will grow and lubricate the market wheels.

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