Thursday , March 30 2023

The new Ford Focus is launched on November 20th


Since its launch in 1998, Ford Focus has achieved significant success with over 16 million sales worldwide.

Ford According to a statement from Otosan, the market was launched in 1998, it is chosen as the "Car of the Year", and you award a key signature success with a total sales of over 16 million worldwide from Ford Focus, designed from Soil 4 November 20th Generation in Turkey Going on the roads.

Focused on Ford's beloved model, Focus has been redesigned to bring its 20-year legacy back to the future of the smart car world. Equipped with intelligent technologies for safe, comfortable and stress-free driving, the new Ford Focus offers a self-standing level 2 experience with Ford Co-Pilot360 technologies.

The Ford Focus has been redesigned to carry the legendary legacy of 20 years into the automotive world of the future.

Emerging as a new car that delivers high performance in the fourth generation, the new Focus promises an ergonomic, technological and user-friendly driving experience as a result of its human-oriented design philosophy.

The new Focus sedan, hatchback and break with body type, trendx, titanium and ST-line equipment levels of 135,000 pounds of recommended turnkey turnkey prices in Turkey this month to meet with car lovers .

"The new Focus builds a bridge between today's technology and the smart world of the future"

Ford Otosan General Sales and After-Sales Assistant, Özgür Yücetürk, said the new Ford Focus, which will be available in November with the developed sedan, taking into account the needs of Turkish users, is a candidate to carry the automotive sector in the future. .

Yuceturk, "Our Smart Cities, Intelligent Vehicle Brand," he called the new mission, has the leading role in the future, and today's technology builds a bridge between the intelligent world of the future. "Expressions used.

"The new Focus makes smart technologies of the future accessible to everyone"

Asserting that Focus achieved significant sales outcomes in the world, Yücetürk said:

"One of the main reasons why the Ford Focus, which was selected as the European car of the year in its launch and doubles as the best-selling car in the world, was one of the top models of the segment since the Focus the new Focus is heading towards a revolution.

In our future vision of what our brand called Smart Cities, Smart Tools, the new Focus assumes its leading role and builds a bridge between today's technology and the intelligent world of the future. The new Focus is not just a new Focus but a car that has been designed and designed from the start and will drive the automotive industry in the future. One of the most important points is the new Focus and Ford, the smart world, modeled by these smart technologies, is available to everyone. Today, we are launching our journey into a world where the new Focus technologies and human technologies are wisely connected. Bugün

"Focus not only for Ford Otosan, a very important model for Turkey"

Yücetürk, the new Focus, 20 years of experience and expectations of customers, stressing that he has established, said:

"The new Focus is designed to draw attention to the personalities and passions of drivers, with a vision that puts passions and personalities of users at the center of everything we do." It focused on how we can make it easier for them. was specifically designed for Turkey according to the appreciation of Turkish clients.

Designed as a base sedan, the new Ford Focus hardware packages that will be offered throughout Europe have been created with the guidance of our marketing team at the entry level, within the expectations and needs of our customers. Like Ford, Focus is a very important link with our customers, accounting for 56% of our car sales. Focus, therefore, not only for Ford Otosan, a very important model for Turkey. I think the new Focus will bring fresh air to our industry. "

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