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There are tense minutes in Müge Anlı! The disabled wife looked at her boyfriend?


Muge Anli live live today. Atv's most watched program, Muge Anli and Tatli Sert, was today a story that shattered both Müge Anli and the audience. Yesterday, Ms. Nedret Hanım, who participated in Müge Anlı's live broadcast, asked Müge Anlı to help her claim that her disabled daughter is still alive or abused.

Researcher journalist Muge Anli and his team, the little girl today, have a direct connection with her mother. Nedret Hanım, who claimed that her son-in-law kept her daughter for her money and did not take care of her, made them live in moments. Before being forced to live in bed, Turkish teacher Elif Gözütok showed how much her mother missed her mother's reactions. Here are the moments of November 16th …

Müge Anlı tense moments in the air! The disabled wife looked at her boyfriend?


Müge Anlı transmitted live today, 26 days after seeing Nedret Hanım's son shouting. Turkish professor Elif Gözütok bleeds a lot as he brings his second child to the world. This bleeding causes severe brain damage, brain cells die and the heart stops. Elif Hanım is resumed by doctors, but the young woman is disabled by 98%.

After this sad event, a total of 3 million pounds to Elif Hanim's mother, Nedret Hanım, claims that his wife wants to look at Zafer Bey Elif Hanim. After a while, the Imam family would live with another person, saying, "The family wants to be with the person you want to answer," when the groom does not accept it and there is tension between the two sides.

Anne Nedret Hanım sends the court to court, but her tutor is transferred from mother to mother, but when problems persist, she is given to a neutral person according to the final decision. Zafer Bey's prayer, who denied all these allegations by live broadcast last night, told of the situations he witnessed by being connected to a live show by Müge Anlı. Zafer met someone and went to ask his family. He stayed for a while in the same house and looked after Elif Hanim. This is November 16, linked to the live broadcast of Müge Anlı's relatives in the studio that creates tension …

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