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Turkey Sweden will start in a national match what time, which channel will be broadcast live from? (Which channel is the national match?)


A national football team, Sweden will play with the UEFA Liga League for 565 times in the league. Millions in his 95-year history of 564 contests, one of which won 212 victories, including defeat, 220 times. Milliler played 15 times in 15 matches played by Mircea Lucescu manager 4 times, 6 times

A national football team, Sweden's UEFA 2 National League tonight, with the fifth week's match will be held in the 565 times of the match. Turkish national team, in the history of 95 years of 296 officials, 268 specials 564 matches, one of which won 212 wins, 132 times, 220 times the opponent was defeated. The 24-hour team, 242 in the house, 80 in the neutral terrain of these games, 3 out of total wins of 741 goals scored, 818 goals in the castle.

A national team, 87 different countries, fought the national team. Millions, 564 of the 564 matches, Europeans, 31 Asians, 23 Americans, 23 Africans, 3 and Oceania's representatives.

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Turkey Sweden will start in a national match what time, which channel will be broadcast live from?

Turkey's national Swedish match tonight at 20:00 will begin. The fight will be live on the TRT 1 channel.

TURKEY: Sinan Bolat, Mehmet Zeki, Serdar Aziz, Caglar Soynci, Hasan Ali Ascim, Okay Yokuslu, Cengiz Under, Mahmut Tekdemir, Yunus Malli, Hakan Calhan, Cenk Tosun
Sweden: Olsen, Lustig, Lindelöf, Granqvist, Martin Olsson, Augustinsson, Larsson, Albin Ekdal, Berg, Johansson, Claesson

First match in 1951

Sweden for the first time in the history of Turkey was confronted in 1951. In the special match played in Sweden, the month-old team 50 minutes Lefter Küçükandonyadis penalty goal in the foreground of the host team, even if the penalty was finalized with an advantage 3-1.

Sweden will start in a few hours Turkey's international game, which will be broadcast live on the channels are the first 11 ...

Konya Metropolitan City Stadium, Sweden ready to play, red-white stands …

Hükmen wins the match in Kosovo

A national football team won one of the remaining 564 matches. November 17, 2015 between Greece and Turkey ended 0-0 special competitions organized at Esenyurt Fatih Terim Stadium in Istanbul. This contest is 6 months from FIFA illegal Greece on the grounds that football matches played in favor of Turkey scored a score of 3-0. On the other hand, Turkey made May 21, 2014 won a special match 6-1 away Kosovo and the date of Kosovo concerned were considered UEFA and FIFA due to lack of members.

The 16th meeting during the Lucescu period

A national football team, the coach of Mircea Lucescu's 16 matches match against Sweden will face. The team's monthly team, the Romanian technician played in 15 games played 4 wins, 6 times was defeated, 5 could not break the tie. 7 Lucescu played the official administration, eight out of 15 games in private nets, broadcast 17 times their rivals Turkey, the castle saw 24 goals.

The fourth official match in 2018

The Monday-star team will play the fourth official match in 2018 with the Swedish match. The national team won 1 victory and 2 defeats in 3 official matches in 2018. Assigning this match 4 goals in Turkey, saw 6 goals. This year, in the first match played in Antalya, the Republic of Ireland defeated 1-0 in the training match, then again in the fight for pulling away against Montenegro 2-2, Istanbul defeated Iran by 2-1. The national team in special matches in June in Switzerland 2-2, with a draw of 1-1 with Russia. UEFA League Nations competition in defeat 2-1 in Russia to Trabzon in Turkey, which was defeated Sweden 3-2 away. Bosnia and Herzegovina in the match match played with a goalless match in the UEFA League League match in the last match 2-0 lost in Russia away.


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Turkey and Sweden, has met 11 times in history. Turkey has set the 5-2's likelihood for an opponent in this match.
Sweden won the last three matches played by Turkey, a team in this match was the owner of the longest winning series.

Turkey won four of the six matches played in domestic football with Sweden. Sweden, Turkey away AnIndAki win just came in September 2001. Turkey plays in the domestic field lost three of the last six matches. The stars of the month have been defeated in the last 24 home games.

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Sweden, which failed to win in the last five matches, won three of the previous four matches. Turkey's goal came in the second half of the last 17 of 15 games. Sweden is the third team to have a minimum number of European League leagues this season after Belgium and the Netherlands. This season the European Nations League of Nations team in Turkey, which is the fourth largest possession of the ball. But in this tournament, which managed to own the ball at least eight teams shot over 60%, this shot shot accurately and his team in Turkey. Turkey's goal against Sweden in three of the last five Cenk Tosun a direct contribution.

Sweden will start in a few hours Turkey's international game, which will be broadcast live on the channels are the first 11 ...

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