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What is anorexia, which causes anorexia


What is anorexia in young women? What are the symptoms of anorexia, what is caused, how is it treated?


Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological disorder that usually occurs in young women, does not eat, sleeps very little and is still very active. This disease usually occurs in adolescence and rarely in adulthood. Generally, it can be said that anorexia can occur in every person who has a passion for excessive weight loss.

DANGER LIFE may be subject

It usually begins with an exaggerated diet, with the belief that the person is too fat, the appetite that can be controlled before it disappears after a while and the attenuation goes beyond normality. Anorexia Nervosa, an eating disorder syndrome called the disease of the era, began to be seen not only in young girls but also in men. Cases that threaten life are difficult to treat.


In addition, anorexia can also be seen in people with intense psychological distress. Dieting, people who are not obsessed with weight loss, even in the difficult stages of life can be eating disorders. Ailev, school, business or emotional subjects who refuse to eat, refuse to eat if they are forced. As a result, in the short term there is a lot of weight loss and have all the effects of this disease. When problems are resolved, food problems are eliminated; however, may have severe and persistent physiological problems in this process.


The causes of anorexia are not fully known. Anorexia nervosa; It is a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors.

Biological Factors: It is not yet clear whether genes have an effect on the causes of anorexia. But genes can make some people more vulnerable to anorexia. People with anorexia are often perfectionist, sensitive and self-aware. This is indirect with genetic trends.

Psychological Factors: Some emotional features of the person can cause anorexia. The presence of a depressed person or the presence of obsessive-compulsive disorder may affect anorexia. These people can be trapped in anorexia through the obsession of their weight.

Environmental factors: The fact that it is weak of society is strongly influenced by teenagers. Being weak can be seen as an advantage. Young people's desire to resemble those thoughts of artists and models may increase, and young people may become obsessed with being weak. Anorexia is the third most common chronic disease among young people.


Treatment of anorexia is difficult and long-term. People with anorexia usually do not go to the proper treatment. They come to psychiatrists as a result of the guidance of other doctors. In the treatment of anorexia, a relationship of trust must be established between the person and the doctor. Then, permanent and effective cooperation is ensured. Family dynamics and the story of the person's detailed life are taken. Family collaboration is extremely important in the treatment process. Depression is seen in 50-60% of people with anorexia. For the treatment of disturbed body perception and depression, the medicine is administered by the physician. Antidepressants are used in this process. Nutrition and weight gain during the psychotherapy process of the person takes place first. Conflicts, concerns, and emotional fears make the relationship between the person and the doctor more confident.

Who Wants ANOREKSIYA Country?

People known to have anorexia in our country; Artist Ayşe Akın, İrem Derici

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