Tuesday , February 7 2023

What is tinnitus? (How Does Tinnitus Pass?)


• Bleeding, fractures, tumors and similar formations in the brain,

• Tinnitus due to Eustachian tube inability due to nasal obstruction and damage to ear pressure due to it.

• Problems in the jaw joint, tinnitus after squeezing and grinding teeth,

• Metabolic problems; hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hyperglycaemia, hyperlipidemia,

• B12, vitamin B1 and zinc deficiency,

• Renal dysfunction,

• Changes in sodium, potassium and electrolyte balance in the body,

• Increased cholesterol, causing fat and constriction in the veins,

• Some heart problems (such as heart rhythm, rhythm disturbances, heart failure, and heart valve disease) can cause tinnitus.

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