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What is yogurt grass? | What are the benefits of yogurt?


Other names; Winter grass, known as herbaceous herb, shepherd sieve, wall basil, goose weeds and sticky grass, has many benefits in terms of human health. Especially the yogurt plant is a source of healing that is indicated to be good for bumps disease and has three types. Although these species grow in different places and on the soil, they have different properties and benefits. In addition, yoghurt herbal tea is a subject that has been questioned and researched in recent days. So what is yogurt grass? What are the benefits of yogurt? How to use yoghurt?

What is yogurt grass?

There are three types of yogurt herbs. In general, all three varieties have the same healing properties. But it is separate from each other in terms of places and form.

Winter yoghurt: It grows in high places and can be 60 cm. Increases vertically and
There are yellow golden flowers. It has a similar smell of honey.

Adhesive Grass: This type of yogurt grass is found in fields and meadows. Up to 120 cm. There are small thorns with hooks on their stems. It is a relative species of mountaineer and has small white flowers.

Goose beans, shepherd shepherds: Grows in bushes and on the side of the road. During the flowering period, the plant is located laterally. Flowers are yellow or white.

What are the benefits of yogurt?

– It is effective in cleaning toxins accumulated in the liver membrane. It removes toxins from the body with urine.

– yogurt grass is one of the nutrients that are effective against lymphatic hormones. It is used to regulate irregular thyroid proliferation. In studies, it forms a body shield against lymphatic cancer.

– Increases blood donor cells in blood by eliminating iron deficiency. It also reduces the risk of edema by balancing blood cells in the platelets.

– It is used as a natural remedy to eliminate intra-oral wounds frequently encountered by people with poor immune function. In addition to reducing intra-oral mouthwash cells with mouthwash, bad smell is also eliminated.

– Yogurt tea that prevents edema by balancing the platelets also eliminates pain in the legs and arms. For back and neck pain, yogurt grass cream can be applied at home. Pain the effect of reducing this plant in a short time shows the effect.

– This tea, which is also good for sleep problems, decreases the number of deformed cells in the nerve cells and reduces the risk of suffering from mental illness.

– Herbs of herbs that is effective against skin diseases is a natural medicine that is effective in eliminating discomfort such as boils.

– Experts point out that the water made from this plant has effects such as the extent of the face.

How to use yoghurt?

– Honey, sweeteners or lemons are not used to make yoghurt.

– Yogurt tea can be used for face washing after cooling. Studies have shown that it reduces stains and wrinkles.

How to make Yogurt Yogurt Tea?

Boil a spoonful of fresh yogurt and boil for 10 minutes
prepare and strain.

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