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5 About me About مباراة الأهلى والوصل اليوم الخميس 22/11/2018


Al-Ahly will play a tough match on Thursday when Al Wasl faces the UAE in the final round of the 16th Round of the Zayed Cup for the Arab League. The following are the most important 5 info about the match and the following details:

The Al-Ahli and Al-Wasel match and the channels

Al Ahly and Al Wasel will be held on Thursday, 7:30 pm (7:30 pm EDT) at 17:30. Abu Dhabi Sports Channel is scheduled to transfer the game with an analytical studio before and after the game to discuss more technical issues.

2_ equalizer 2/2 the result of the first leg

The first leg between Al Ahli and Al Wasel ended in Burj Al Arab three weeks ago, with a 2-2 draw, which is the result of Al Wasl in a high percentage, especially with the presence of field players and the audience.

3_ List of Al-Ahly links

Ahmed Alaa, Akram Tawfiq, Karim Nedved, Hossam Ashour, Hisham Mohamed, Walid Soliman, Naser Maher, Islam Mahareb, Mohamed Sherif, Ahmed El Sheikh and Ahmed Hamoudi. Marwan Mohsen and Salah Mohsen. Moroccan striker Waleed Azzaro joined the Moroccan team arriving on Sunday in the United Arab Emirates after taking part in a friendly match against Tunisia, 1-0.

4 strokes hit Ahli

Al-Ahli loses this meeting tonight more than an influential player such as Ahmed Fathi, Amr Sulh and injury to Mohammed Hani.

5_cartiron in the wind

French coach Cartieron is looking forward to overcoming the UAE champions' impediment to finishing the trip to win the Arab Championship to escape the departure of the Guillotine after some have asked to leave the coach after losing the African Championship.

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