Sunday , April 2 2023

Against cancer


A Cuban-American biotechnology company is working to prove the effectiveness of Cuban anti-pulmonary treatment, preparing for the possible use of US patients, in a remarkable collaboration in medical research between two countries that have long been enmity.
This treatment, which is still in the experimental phase, called Semaphax-EGF, has caused a disorder in recent months just before the announcement of this unprecedented agreement.
Several websites promote the superconductors attributed to this treatment, but the reality seems more complex. Havana's Molecular Immunology Center researcher, Orestes Santos, prefers to talk about "active immunity" working on the EGF protein.
"Lung cancer tumors need the EGF protein to grow and multiply, and what we did in our center is to develop a product that produces antibodies to counteract this protein," the AFP researcher said.
This is an additional weapon in the fight against cancer that can be used in parallel with other therapeutic weapons, such as chemotherapy, "Santos said.

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