Wednesday , March 29 2023

Dramaturgists call for the co-organization of the Father of Arts


Haspres from Casablanca

Friday, November 16,

The Association of Graduates of the Higher Institute of Theater and Cultural Activity criticized the "serious situation of non-integrated graduates and their location in the Ministry of Culture policy, within the framework of calls for proposals, whether production and resettlement or workshops, committees or meetings and missions ".

The Association of Graduates of the Higher Institute of Theater and Cultural Activities condemned, in Haspris's statement, "unjustified restrictions and rejection of the proposed projects by the association, especially the project of the site as a guide for graduates and the writing of a book to document their different competencies ways that have enriched the cultural scene in Morocco, a day of study on the organizational challenges of theatrical practice between law and application. "

The Association asked about the fate of financial posts allocated to non-integrated graduates in 2018, demanding the activation of the integration protocol of the graduates of the Higher Institute of Theater Art and Cultural Activation, to supervise the technical education of the Ministry of National Education.

The Assembly was amazed at the "hindrance" of the theater support policy and the "confusion" the National Theater Festival knew, urging the need to accelerate downloading of the arts laws and artistic professions and denouncing the improvisation of the committee formation and the "fog "adopted in its operation.

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