Tuesday , March 21 2023

"Education for Health" crowned 3 winners at the local drawing contest


Sharjah 24:

The Department of Health Education of the Supreme Family Council of Sharjah has honored three winners of the drawing contest within the local area. Ten posters of emirate children have been nominated for the World Food Day, organized by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Every Year.

The theme of this year's theme was "Eliminating Hunger" to encourage children and adolescents around the world aged 5 to 19 to use their imagination and create a poster to illustrate their idea of eliminates hunger.

Eman Rashed Saif, director of health education, said: "We are pleased to respond positively to the global initiative to mobilize international efforts to reach a hungry world by 2030. The first place, in line with the UAA's approach to action Showing a girl wearing a dress in the colors of the UAE flag, feeding food to children around the world in a symbolic expression of human sensitivity and solidarity.

Director of the Department of Health Education confirmed that the Department collaborated with Sharjah, Sharjah Youth and Sharjah Guides children, giving employees the opportunity to participate in this competition after receiving technical workshops to stimulate their creative imagination in designing these posters. All the facilities to succeed.

The department received 85 different creative ideas and a committee was created to evaluate these works, of which ten were selected for delivery to the World Organization, and for the first, second and third centers in the Sharjah region, three were selected winners.

The winners of the contest were three participants of Sharjah Children's Center of the Fourth Foundation for the Leaders and Innovators Industry: Jawahar Ibrahim Khalfan Al-Zuhairi, Alia Ibrahim Khalfan Al-Zakhiri and Mohammed Tareq Mohammed.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will select three winners from each age group by a special jury and will announce the results on the organization's website in December.

The winners will receive certificates of appreciation and gift bags and will exhibit their work at the headquarters of the Organization in Rome and will promote this work in the organization's offices around the world.

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