Wednesday , September 28 2022

FilGoal | News | Yousef Conference: Real Madrid and United Mra in similar circumstances .. Large Ahli and able to overcome the scene


Mohamed Youssef, Al Ahly's interim coach, said the biggest teams in the world are facing similar circumstances, as is happening at the moment.

Speaking at the press conference after his team lost 1-0 to the Arab contenders in the 16th round of the Egyptian league, Youssef said: "It's all in football, we're going through difficult circumstances."

"We lost a ball despite the fact that we took the position and scattered many opportunities."

"Our position in the second half was positive, but football recognizes the result, we lost after we went out of two championships."

"The biggest clubs in the world are confronted with these conditions," he said. "We talked to players about the need to be strong in difficult circumstances.

"The league championship is long, we have strong chances and now we can not talk about the title."

Abizaid "I paid Maher and Ahmed Sheikh to pump new blood and injure Salah Mohsen was a surprise, I put high hopes with Sheikh, Nasser and Walid."

"Of course, there is an impact due to the loss of the African Champions League, the Zayed Cup and a partial loss of confidence and performance.

"Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United have gone through similar conditions, and we have to face just the mistakes." Ahli is a big club and is able to go beyond this stage.

The contractors beat Al Ahli 1-0 in the 16th round of the Egyptian league.

The score of the Arab contractors increased to 20 points, placing them in fifth place in the league table, while Ahli's 11 points in the last place and 8 players.

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