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How do you know about yourself in less than 30 seconds and get a job?


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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Imagine in an elevator with someone in a manager's office, and a few seconds later you will find that this person is an expert in employment with your dream job! Then you feel a sense of enthusiasm. You need to draw the attention of hiring experts in less than a minute to consider your vacancy.

Undoubtedly, you are now wondering how to draw the attention of recruiting experts during this short period. The position I mentioned is just one example: The elevator is a metaphor. There are many other situations that require your identification and attention in seconds. You need to prepare a brief introduction about yourself so that you can attract the attention of employers during work fairs, network events or even social events.

Introduction is also effective in job interviews. You are often asked: "Tell me more about you" This introduction will help you speak with confidence about yourself to hire experts. Here are some tips to help you prepare an extraordinary introduction about you.

Things to focus on:

1 – Write your thoughts on paper

Write down all the things you can think of on the paper and then select things that are related to you and those that have nothing to do with you and rewrite them. Delete any unnecessary information and focus on the professional and concise presentation of people you will not be able to talk to over time.

2 – Write a short story about yourself.

This introduction should include your profile, the job you are currently occupying and the things you are looking for.

3. Make it as short as possible

Remember that you need to write a brief introduction You do not need to mention everything about yourself. It's enough to write a sentence in three sentences about what you're looking for to highlight your personality and professional aspirations. That means you have to choose the right things.

4. Speak professionally

Preparing an introduction about you gives you confidence and motivates you to give yourself the best when you talk to the person in front of you. Remember that you need to focus on your achievements and goals without exaggerating your confidence or you manifest and avoiding repetitive or repetitive discourse will give you a negative impression.

Things to avoid:

1. Do not limit your abilities

Avoid typing and repeating an introduction in all situations Prepare two or more introductions You may encounter different situations where you might want to attract the listener in different ways. So, prepare more than one introduction to the different aspects of your career and choose the appropriate input depending on the situation you are facing.

2. Do not talk quickly

We understand how hard it is to mention all your achievements and experiences in short sentences, but you do not need to mention information that takes a minute or two to explain briefly and to mention them in 30 seconds. Try to speak in an orderly manner and pronounce complete sentences.

Do not talk in a boring way

Speaking in a professional way does not mean you are rude and boring, but smiling and honest. Be sure to prepare yourself in advance, but avoid showing that you are trying to remember the words written on the paper.

4. Do not use odd or abbreviated terms

Many people do not know the terms you know. You may want to present your IT experience while talking to a human resource manager with a technology company, but in fact this person may not understand the programming terms you are talking about. So you know the background of the person you are talking to and do not use strange terms.

5 – Do not exaggerate the marketing of your abilities, do not underestimate their importance

Marketing your skills too much in front of the person you are talking to is as negative as your underestimation, nor will it work. Do not underestimate your skills and do not assume that people will realize how important your qualifications are at first glance. Speak in a moderate and appropriate manner and do not repeat words or abilities.

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