Thursday , June 8 2023

Pride Abu Dhabi recovers second place in the Arab League of the Gulf


Al-Jazira scored a 2-0 victory over Al Wasl in the Mohammed Bin Zayed stadium at the 9th round of the Gulf Arab Championship, Khalfan Mubarak scored the first goal in the 50th minute. Ali Mabkhout added the second goal in the 62nd minute, At 19 points to regain the second place, while the balance of 10 points in the tenth place.

The two teams changed control over the ball in the first minutes of the match. Bayern's midfielder Cayo Correa struck in the second minute and sent an early warning to the hosts. The conductor continued for up to ten minutes, but without any danger.

The answer came from Abu Dhabi's pride after the tenth minute with two serious blows. Khalfan Mubarak's first in the 13th minute came with Al Qaim, the second from Khalfan, also in the 15th minute, and the goalkeeper Yousif Al Zaabi, brilliant.

Al Wasl returned and threw Al-Jazira with a free kick in the 37th minute by Fabio Lima, but keeper Adel Abubakar blocked him. 45 minutes into the match Ali Mabkhout hit the ground hard, making the score for Yousef Al Zaabi to end his first half.

Al-Jazira opened the second half with a goal from Khalfan Mubarak's Ali Mbkhout Khalfan managed to volley with a rebound after 50 minutes.

Al-Jazira's attacks continued on Al-Fohd's path, and Ali Mabkhout managed to reinforce his capital's pride in the 62nd minute. Khalfan Mubarak walked through a corner in a corner around him, headed in the net.

Al Wasl tried to hold the ball and cut the gap, but most of Panther's attacks were not dangerous. 73 minutes had elapsed when a great chance for Adel Abu Bakr to score for Fabio de Lima.

The serious attacks on Abu Dhabi's pride continued with Al-Wasl's lead, led by Khalfan Mubarak and Ali Mabkhout, and the latter scored the third goal 83 minutes after Ghana's Ernest Asante went well but Mabkhout she pulled her out of the net.

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