Monday , August 15 2022

Sugar or honey? UAE News


Some prefer tea or coffee with little sugar or even without sweeteners, and for many, the taste can not be tasty if no sugars are added. But because of worries about excess damage, the fear of the rising spread of diabetes, some are wondering about the healthy desalination way, whatever it may be: sugar or honey?

The blood glucose index is 58, while the honey index ranges from 30 to 58 depending on its type

The first comparison is: the number of calories, honey is more than that, when comparing a spoonful of sugar with a spoonful of honey.

But another important element is the glycemic index, a measure of the high level of blood sugar in the consumption of a certain food. In this respect, sugar is in the highest position with a sugar index of 58, while the honey index is between 30 and 58 depending on its type.

Consuming low-sugar foods helps prevent diabetes and reduce the feeling of hunger.

The third element of the comparison between sugar and honey is the nutrients, and in this sense contains honey and many vitamins and antibiotics. Honey offers zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, B9, niacin and riboflavin. While sugar does not contain vitamins or minerals and only provides energy.

In general, desalination and sugars should be reduced because they are the food of inflammation in the body.

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