Monday , June 27 2022

The end of the century. Revere responds to Boca's claims on Altolras. Andvantino denies his interventions


Rivaldo Donovrio said he is not aware of Boca Juniors' claim that some ultra-Orthodox fans have received tickets for the Libertadores Cup final to be held on Sunday. appointed.

"We do not know why I went, I never told Ultras and I do not know who they are," Donovrio said in the remarks quoted by the Argentine daily La Nacion. , This subject of competence of the judiciary.

"The tickets did not come from within the River Plate, I do not know who gave them these tickets, we have to investigate this, and put myself under the control of the judiciary to get the truth."

"I want to clarify things because there are many false rumors claiming I did not want to play this game," said FIFA President Gianni Infantino in a statement.

"We did not threaten anyone with penalties if they did not play," added Infantino, who arrived in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires to watch the historic finale.

"Any decision on this meeting is for Conmipol and not for FIFA," he said.

Infantino expressed regret about the emergence of violence before the beginning of the "century," as some call it.

Infanteanu attended the meeting of President Conmipol, Alejandro Dominguez, Boca Juniors, River Plate, Daniel Enkhilisi and Rodolfo Donovrio, to discuss the postponement of the hearing and the arrangements for the new date of stay.

The Libertadores Cup final of the 2017/2018 season took place on Saturday between two historic rivals, some of whom called the "match of the century," but were postponed 24 hours after Boca Guinness players were attacked by River Plate fans. The match will be hosted at the "Monomental" stadium.

But the South American Football Association (CONA) issued a decision to postpone the meeting indefinitely, as Boca Juniors wanted to punish River Plate for violence.

Despite place doubts, River Plate asked its fans, through social networking sites on the Internet, to keep their tickets until another date.

Conmipol officials are due to hold a meeting with club leaders Tuesday to set a new date for the match.

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