Wednesday , May 31 2023

The Nissan Group is meeting to fire Carlos Ghosn


Nissan's board of directors will hold a meeting Thursday to dismiss suspended chief Carlos Ghosn in Tokyo in connection with tax evasion charges, a move that could not have been imagined by the man who saved the Japanese car giant.
The meeting is scheduled to begin Thursday afternoon at the headquarters of the group in Yokohama, the capital of Japan, and it will take about two hours.

Six men and a woman will decide to meet with the closed door of the former president of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, whose life suddenly broke down when his plane landed in Tokyo.

Ghosn, 64, was silent from his arrest to a Tokyo detention center.

Nissan prepares for the group that began its reputation as the builder of the empire in 1999 to make his strike, by removing his title of president.

A source close to the administration said there was no other scenario. "The proposal would not have been put to the vote if there were a minimum of doubt," he said.

The talks will be moderated by the group's April 2017 CEO, Heroto Saikawa. The decision will then be taken by hand. Four votes are enough to remove the president from office.

The chairman of the council should succeed Ghosn, and Saikawa might be his former collaborator who launched a fierce attack on his former employer on Monday night.

At the same time, the prosecutor's office organizes a press conference, while the Japanese media publishes more information about the Ghosn case.

Officially, the French-Lebanese Lebanese subsidiary is accused of partnering with its partners "to cut its revenue five times between June 2011 and June 2015," announcing a total of 4.9 billion yen (about 37 million euros) instead of 10 billion yen.

But he is also suspected of using social property, according to the results of an internal investigation conducted by Nissan in recent months.

Mitsubishi Motors, one of the strong allies of the automotive industry, plans to "dismantle" the president "fast". A spokesman for the group said his council will meet next week.
The Renault Group is cautious. The board of directors asked Nissan to "teach all the information he has in the context of internal investigations into Ghosn."

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