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Timothy Allen reveals the secrets of his work: Respecting the privacy of the photographer is another important criterion


"After more than 25 years of photography, I have come to a stage where it is necessary to pass on this experience and everything I have learned in the last few years to the next generation of talented photographers." With these words, the famous British photographer Timothy Allen has begun talks about the motivation to launch the Timothy Allen Photographic Award in 2016, praising the efforts of the Sharjah Government Media Office, which has worked with him to form one of the prints of the International Photography Festival by the Office. Photos compete to gain a 10-day residency experience in Sharjah, which includes educational workshops in various photography arts.

This year, the International Photography Festival will be held from 21 to 24 November in Sharjah to open the door of the third edition of the Timothy Allen Photography Prize, which had a strong presence after attracted more than 1,529 10 in the final list and announced the five winners: Sharafat Ali from India, Stephen Fuden from Canada, Linus Escador from the Philippines, Ranita Roy from India and Dan Gianopoulos from the UK on October 11 as part of a live- the social networks of the festival.

"This year's edition was a high level and strong competition among the 10 competitors," said Timothy Allen. "The five winners will receive the residency program and the chance to spend 10 days of filming, including a workshop at an outdoor venue. Close and communicate directly, and that's what I liked in this program, which I think a very fun and useful experience and an inspiration for all of us. "

The winners will be assigned a series of missions, their work set will be assessed, an instructor will be entrusted, will take part in a photography course in the field and will have the opportunity to present their audience directly in the main hall of the Festival International Photography "Akspoger".

"With this award, ExpoR is an international leader platform to develop and enhance the talent of photography, giving them the opportunity to enhance self-confidence and create new inspiration for their creations." Photos often publish their online work and receive different opinions from their friends and family. However, such events bring together experts and professionals in a place that enriches their experience and allows them to identify their weaknesses and learn from their mistakes and to improve their profession and talents.

"Some think photography is an individual profession, and often the photographer does not have a fair and honest opinion about his work. The grant program therefore gives participants a heartfelt image of their images and my role is to offer honest criticism of their work, Boost confidence in themselves. "


"One of the worst things happen to me when a young photographer complains is bad and they get a lot of emails from photographers who want to work for me," Allen says, "60% of them start by saying : "I think working with you will be a valuable occasion. In order to enrich my professional career: "It is not a good way to advance to any job. Those who want to work have to show what they have to offer to others, not the gains and benefits they can make from others" .

"There is no specific thing to make a person a good photographer: a successful photographer develops in different ways and focuses on his strengths, he must have sufficient knowledge about the concept of lighting and his techniques. It is important have a good story expressed in the image, the originality of the image and its uniqueness are important criteria in the finalists and the selection of the winners. "

The photographer's commitment

Allen is known for his artistic work and shows him in all his works, making sure that the people he describes are satisfied with what he does and feel the duty to educate them about the results of their participation.

"I work in many places where people do not understand the media well enough and a picture of them can be a shocking experience for them, especially that millions of people will see this image." Some people do not like being seen by millions of people. It is important to receive the approval of all those who appear in my painting, my work is based on the sense of pride in my achievements and the search for happiness and inspiration, I am only in the place where I want it. "

One of the most inspired places visited by Alan was Zanskar of Kashmir, where he saw a group of children walking five days down the Chazar River frozen to get to the boarding school. "This is a kind of inspiration I'm looking for – the students were strolling with one of their parents, sleeping in caves, extraordinary people, and having a high sense of responsibility," Allen said. "It was an ideal opportunity to capture rare and beautiful images and, most importantly, I."

"I'm looking for images that make me look at them twice, images I've never seen before, many people take pictures of the same old things, they're beautiful, but they're not the only ones," Allen concluded .

March Excellence

Timothy Allen worked as a photographer for several newspapers and magazines, worked at Sunday Telegraph in London and worked for six years at the Independent newspaper.

In 2002, Allen joined Axiom Photographic Agency, where he was responsible for covering a wide variety of global news. In 2009, he was commissioned by the BBC to work on the famous documentary series "Human Planet".

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