Thursday , March 30 2023

Today's Air Force War


Air Force Assistant of King Abdul Aziz, Major General Major Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Shahrani, sponsored the 2018 Air Force Center activities at the Dhafra airbase in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. And friendly.

Upon his arrival in Al Dhafra Air Base, the Saudi military attaché at the UN Embassy in United Arab Emirates, General Brigadier Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Juhani, General Commander Brigadier Batti Bin Ali Al-Nayadi, Air Warfare Center Commander and Force Commander Air Force Lt. Col. Hussain bin Saeed Al Shahrani and Arcanat.

This exercise lasted more than a month during which the Royal Air Force participant group in the Saudi Arabia (RAF) gained great success and was praised by all participants in friendly countries. Training steps included numerous activities and events for unifying concepts and sharing experiences for various air combat methods, Implementing multiple joint expeditions to enhance command and control group responsiveness, planning and management of joint operations with high efficiency.

The final exercises included various aerial military tactics performed by Saudi pilots with skill and competence.

"The presence of the group participating in this exercise is an extension of the preparation of the Royal Air Force of Saudi Arabia to ensure it is prepared by the commanders to raise the military training of our armed forces," said Assistant Commander of King Abdulaziz Air Base in the eastern sector.

In turn, the Air Force Commander participating in Lieutenant Colonel Hussein bin Saeed Al-Shahrani said that the completion of the Air Force Center exercise in 2018 has achieved remarkable results in which participation has been positive and effective, in addition to delivering results for the first time and the next step is to transfer lessons learned and change needs to edit it.

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