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UAE News / "Higher Technology" celebrates its 30th anniversary


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UAE Nasser bin Thani Al-Hamli, head of the Higher Technology Colleges (HCT), celebrated its 30th anniversary of its founding in the 16 faculties under the motto "Thirty Years of Excellence".

The event focused on the founding leader of Zhaed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan's young Sheikh, God bless him and give him peace on the occasion of the "Zayed Year" and the honors of graduates "Zayed Sons" in 2017/2018.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, Director of the Higher Technological Colleges, Dr. Taib Kamali, one of the founders of the Higher Technology Colleges, and Dr. Hashim Al Zaabi, Director of the Technical College of Dubai, as well as senior officials and members of the organs administrative and educational activities.

During the ceremony, Dr. Tayeb Kamali, one of the founders of the Higher Technology Colleges, was honored and honored Mohammed Al Shamsi, an expert in the robot and holder of the Higher Technological Colleges Medal of the First Emirates, and Ahmed Saeed Al Bakhit, Head of Centers Youth and Science Clubs of the General Sport Authority. Faculty members and faculty members have completed 28 years of special work at faculties such as Dr. Basem Al Lami, Dubai Technical Technical Department chief Sameer Genho, Civil Engineering Coordinator and Mechanical Engineering Professor Abdulmanan Bati .

The ceremony was marked by a special interpretation of the national anthem presented by 70 students, accompanied by an individual interpretation of the emirate artists Fatima Al Shamsi, broadcast at the same time at all faculties, the Time Capsule initiative and the Falcon in honor of Graduates of the Higher Technology College at Abu Dhabi 606 Abu Dhabi Students, of 5978 graduates and graduates of 2017/2018 students from technology faculties who were honored in the various faculties of the 16th with the celebration of thirty years of excellence.

On this occasion, Nasser Al Hamli has appreciated the leadership of the superior technology colleges for over 30 years of excellence, thus enhancing the capacity of faculties to fulfill their mission of leading national skills.

He added that the celebration of the 30-year faculties is characterized by coincidence with Zayed, the founding leader who considered education a priority. His belief in man as wealth and the foundation for development is success, achievement and excellence in itself, and Higher Technology Colleges are proud of his accomplishments, and his vision of the man in the United Arab Emirates, able to contribute to the construction of his homeland.

He said that since its inception, technology colleagues have contributed 60,000 graduates and graduates in different scientific and technical fields, and today celebrates with 30th anniversary a new batch of Zayed graduates who will begin work with all their knowledge, experience and abilities. It will enable them to cope with the challenges of the labor market through their ability to innovate, innovate and contribute to change for a better future.

In turn, Dr. Abdul Latif Al Shamsi pointed out that Superior Technological Colleagues (HCT) on the 30th anniversary are proud to have set up in 1988 with the vision of founder leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and to celebrate 30 years of excellence in Zayed, He added that Sheikh Zayed put the UAE in an approach and drew dreams and visions for a great future so that with every dream that is true and every success in the process of building a human beings, we see Zayed and hope to be among us to see the United Arab Emirates as it wanted to be.

Dr. Al-Shamsi added that the success of faculties of technology can not be reduced in terms of words and words, it is the process of building a human being, but it remains distinguished in being the largest institution of higher education applied in the country. Thousands of graduates have graduated with practical and technical skills. During his career, he has seen different developments in the education sector at local and global level and has achieved success in partnerships with institutions and destinations at local and international level, reflecting the excellence of his results.

Dr. Al Shamsi spoke about the post-thirtieth phase and the new "second generation" college strategy of 2017/2021, which was developed from awareness of the global challenges of the industrial revolution and in line with national aspirations to empower young people and skills from the United Arab Emirates Innovation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the College's strategy was to focus on empowering students with professional skills by linking academic programs with global professional certifications to reach future leaders.

Dr. Al Shamsi pointed out that every student in technology faculties boasts the distinguished march of this national scientific edifice, congratulating graduates from the graduation Zayed 2017/2017, who are proud to be graduates of the Zayed Year.

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